What fresh hell is this?

This post is one of an occasional series that might be entitled ‘Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while’.  In fact, my silence on the blogging front has been something of a frustration as I have at least three posts that I want/need to write.  The problem, as always, is finding the time between grant deadlines, an overdue book review, an even more overdue article, teaching, marking and, oh yes, the research project that I am actually contracted to be undertaking!

And that is just on the formal professional front.  As a (semi-)public historian in this centenary year, I find myself juggling interviews, requests for interviews, requests for articles and comments, as well as the private demands of family life which, as my tag-line for this blog indicates, are as much a part of my identity as anything related to the histories of gender or the First World War.  So the post I had planned to coincide with International Women’s Day has been rather swamped by the fact that my son still hasn’t written his thank you cards for his birthday presents (meeting deadlines is clearly not a skill that runs in the family). Such are the ironies of working motherhood.

So yes, there is a lot going on in my life, but probably not any more than any other working parent, and I am blessed by having a job with a certain amount of flexibility built into it.  It is when I bump up against immovable deadlines, like the current grant application which is due next week and which has been slowly driving me mad with its looming urgency and terrifying complexity, that something, somewhere, has to give.  Generally speaking, it is this blog, the space where I explore the aspects of my life and work that I find thought-provoking but not necessarily immediately productive.

My apologies, therefore, if you have been eagerly awaiting my comments on the spate of recent First World War media outputs (and for once I know that this group includes more than just my mum as I did promise someone a comment on the Max Hastings/Niall Ferguson debate).  There will be, I promise, some thoughts on being a female First World War historian, on why shell shock is not the same thing as PTSD, and how I have been haunted by a (still unfulfilled) research project since I wrote my PhD, eventually.  But not until after 25th March.  Sorry.

3 thoughts on “What fresh hell is this?

  1. “Why shell shock is not the same thing as PTSD.”

    Looking forward to this one particularly. One of the annoying things I’ve encountered in recent writings on the British Army in WWII is the assumption by modern historians that PTSD is synonymous with every kind of psychoneurotic complaint. Most wartime soldiers discharged for psycho-neuro reasons had never even been in combat, let alone been traumatized by it – yet today they’re still labelled as PTSD cases all the same.

  2. I can relate to your problem! Blogging is volunteer work and has to go down in the list of priorities at times, even when you have plenty to say.

    I too eagerly await your post on shell shock vs PTSD. I’ll wait patiently 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m having a writing week this week (unplanned – it was supposed to be a week in the archive, but oh well) so hopefully shell shock v. PTSD will appear by the end of it. 🙂

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