In which I go multimedia

It has taken some time (copyright queries now all answered) but the podcast of my talk to the Legacies of War seminar series is now available:

I admit that I have only listened to a few seconds of it, but the editor assures me that it sounds okay.  If you enjoy it, please check out some of the other talks from the series which can be found here.


One thought on “In which I go multimedia

  1. I found your talk really interesting. It reminded me of the two kinds of stoicism: Cicero’s active public service and Seneca’s passive suffering. Your examples show that in practice it can be a false dichotomy because medics in war endured without fighting back but also acted to help others.

    Was public service in wartime significantly more important than public service in peacetime by the early 20th century? In the 17th century, elite and middling men seem to have been under pressure to act for the public good all the time. Fighting as soldiers wasn’t necessarily the most manly thing they could do, although some military experience was usually part of a gentleman’s education.

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