Shameless promotion

Time for a bit of promotion of various things that I and my friends and relations have been involved in.

First of all, on the academic end of things, I am co-organising a seminar series with a couple of postgraduate students here at Leeds University. Our first speaker is Krisztina Robert from Roehampton University who will be talking about relations between women’s auxiliary groups and the military.

And at the more popular end, and just to prove that historical tendencies do run in families, here is an introduction to the war written by my cousin, Raoul Meyer. It is a bit problematic in its claims about machine guns v. artillery and is very Fussellian in its literary interpretation, which I do take some issue with, but it is very, very good on the global nature of the conflict. Watch and learn.

Finally, totally unrelated to the First World War, can I recommend my friend’s blog The Lion, The Witch and the Bookcase?  She writes beautifully and inspiringly about children’s literature, a pet obsession of mine.  Well worth checking out.

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